Preventable Deaths.


Our MissionTo Prevent Preventable Deaths.

Our mission is to provide training and education for school corporations, businesses and individuals to respond to an active threat situation. As a 501(c)(3) Corporation our goal is to raise funds through donations to provide the training and safety equipment needed for these events.

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My passion for the mission is one of a deep desire to train/educate others on how to Prevent Preventable Deaths. We need to understand, as a society, that we cannot stop these types of events from happening, but we can work to Prevent Preventable Deaths when they do occur. Tom Everett

About UsCrisis Training and Consulting.

Crisis Training & Consulting is a 501(c)(3) Corporation comprised of Law Enforcement and Military personnel dedicated to providing the necessary education for school corporations, businesses, and individuals to respond to an active threat situation. We provide full threat assessments and general security assessments for all types of organizations to Prevent the Preventable Deaths.

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Lessons OfferedActive Threat
Response Training.
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This training includes tourniquet application instructions and a tutorial. There is also a Practical Chest Seal Application instruction where you will learn how to properly seal a wound. You will receive training for practical treatment for shock.

Defend the Classroom:
Here you will learn how to move, escape, and attack in a active shooter situation in a school. You will learn about denying targets the opportunity to gain access into the classroom through innovative ways to barricade and lock down the facility.

Our TeamDevoted to Saving Lives.

Our Values Making your experience the best possible.


We are committed to “Preventing Preventable Deaths” through training and education.


Knowledge is key. Having the equipment without the knowledge on how to properly use it, has no value.


Saving lives is a team effort. One person cannot accomplish a mission alone, it takes a whole village.

Our GoalEducation and Training.

Our goal is to educate and train people how to be prepared and prevent deaths. When people hear a gunshot, we hope they understand the sound and are able to actively respond. CTC’s goal is to ensure that there is tourniquet in every classroom in the state. In order to save lives, we must be educated, prepared and equipped with the right instruments to respond promptly and appropriately.

By the NumbersOur Prevention Goal.
Our Fundraising Goal

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Potential Lives Saved

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